Overcoming the Past

“I am not the person I remind you of, and I’m not the person I once was. I am that person that you refuse to let me be.”

We have all made mistakes, and there are some of us who have made really big mistakes. Or maybe we repeated the same mistakes too long. Either way, family can be tough. The ones closest to us are often our biggest critics. Often times, well meaning loved ones have the hardest time moving on, when we already have. What I mean by this, is their perspective of who you are may still be the same, when you have actually changed. Maybe you struggled with drugs and alcohol, or whatever your case may be. But if you have moved on from your past and are able to live a functional, healthy life, I want to say congratulations! You deserve it! Recovery of any kind is not easy, it is difficult. I want you to be aware of this red flag, this is toxic to your recovery. That well meaning loved one who still does not see us as healed or living healthy, can be a huge pitfall. We need to be careful of these relationships and surround ourselves with positive support. People who encourage us and believe in us. People who help us believe in ourselves. The truth is maybe you hurt that individual and there are some issues there. You can apologize and prove you are doing better and try to heal that wound. But they have to play their part too. If they still see us the same way, they will still treat us the same way.

   “Don’t allow others to keep you bound by the chains of your past.”

3 thoughts on “Overcoming the Past

  1. I’m blessed with an amazing family that sees how far I’ve come since my “partying days” when I was in my 20s. I have a completely different set of standards now, and they absolutely see that. They’ve always loved and supported me, though.
    However, it’s a different story with some of my old friends (luckily, not all of them). Over time, I became strong enough to sever those relationships. Try as I might to hold on to those once very important relationships, they chose not to see the progress I had made. It was unhealthy for me to keep holding on, to keep trying. I miss the parts of us that were good, and often think about these positive moments. But, me as a person .. I’m better and stronger for having moved on.

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