Pretty Eyes and Butterflies

Just the other morning when I awoke from a dream, I was overjoyed when I remembered who came to visit me. It was my Mother who passed when I was only twelve. Though she said no words to me in this dream, she was there. She sat up and held my hand. In her face I saw approval, I saw she hadn’t missed a thing. She was acknowledging me, in a sense, letting me know she is still with me. I saw that she was proud, she had a beautiful smile, and is still alive. Pretty eyes and butterflies did not pass away, she simply flew to a heavenly place of freedom. No longer bound by these earthly chains, no more struggle, and no more pain. I was so comforted when I woke up that day. I only wish we could have stayed there together just a little longer. That moment was real, I could feel her love all over again. And I know one day when my time comes, she will be there ready, waiting for us to be united again.

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